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The Rudy J Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  The foundation was formed in 2014 to focus on raising and donating funds to 501(c)(3) pug rescues across the United States. The foundation was developed out of love and compassion for Rudy J, adopted from SEPRA (Southeast Pug Rescue) in 2009.  Rudy had been dumped in the woods, had been living on his own for quite some time and developed heart worms among more serious infections. SEPRA took him in and got him the much needed medical care that he needed to survive.  He was the love of our life and deserved every happiness in the world.  Rudy passed away in 2014 due to complications from a brain tumor.





Pug rescues across the US face great challenges.  Most are all volunteer organizations who, rightly so, focus first on helping pugs in need by getting them veterinary care and a safe, loving foster home.  Many do not have adequate resources to fundraise to cover medical costs as well funds to help find forever homes for these wonderful dogs.  The Rudy J Foundation is dedicated to researching needy 501(c)(3) pug rescues and donating funds to them to help care for the pugs in their programs.  More and more senior pugs, who should be living out their golden years in loving homes, find themselves in shelters or merely dumped on a road to fend for themselves.  Many have untreated medical problems and some have never known a loving human.  We want to ensure that all pugs receive medical attention and that no rescue ever has to turn away a needy pug due to a lack of funds.



The Rudy J Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. 


100% of your donation goes to 501(c)(3) pug rescues.  Any and all costs associated with The Rudy J Foundation are covered by the founders.  No part of your donation goes to cover any costs.       


We research pug rescues to determine their financial condition, when possible.



We are dedicated to helping those rescues in need.



9/17/2016:  Matching gift donor at #PugsTakeNYC!  Proceeds go to Pug Nation of Los Angeles!  Along with PugSquadSOS, $4,150 was raised!


3/5/2015:  First donation received with a corporate matching gift!


11/17/2014:  First donation made to SEPRA (Southeast Pug Rescue) to care for senior forever foster pugs





Instagram:  @rudyjfoundation


tel:  305-890-3543





© 2014 by The Rudy J Foundation. 

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